MY BLOG IS FIXED!!! For real this time :)

Oh my goodness, this blog has been broken for… way too long! I consider myself pretty tech savvy but I could not figured out how to fix this damn thing! I finally reached out to my brother for helped and he had it back up and running within an hour. Ha! UPDATE: Then as soon as I posted that it was fixed, I broke it again! I put on my nerd glasses this morning and figured out how to fix it though. My life is crazy busy lately but I have so much I want to share here! I will be back soon, I promise :)

By the way, Ephram is officially nine months old as of Tuesday. WHAT?!

2015-05-26 Nine Months Old

Hey there! Did you miss me??

You guys, I did NOT mean to take seven months off from blogging! I had a baby and I got busy and, well… That’s all.

But I’m ready to come back! I want to post about healthy food and exercise, I want to share with you what this whole process has been like for me, and I want to reclaim a small piece of my old life. I started a post in January that was going to try and catch you up on everything, like my birth story and what it’s been like with the babe, but I never finished it. Maybe one day, but not today. Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version.

I had a baby boy on August 26 and we named him Ephram! My water broke at work on at 3:30 on the 25th and I had an all natural, drug-free labor and delivery at a birthing center. He was born at 10:19 the morning of the 26th. It was hard but I loved it.



I gained 47 pounds while I was pregnant — I lost 25 within the first week and then didn’t really lose much more until January. Now I’ve only got 9 pounds to go and most of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit me again! Dealing with my postpartum body was difficult. The first two months I didn’t care because I JUST GREW A HUMAN and that’s pretty damn cool. After two months I started to get frustrated and hate my body, but not enough to really do anything about it.


January felt like a great time to get serious about eating healthy again and working out. I lost 10 pounds in the first six weeks of the new year, and really cleaned up my diet. I’m back to eating pretty much how I did before I got pregnant (with the exception that now I eat a little cheese. I still have mixed feelings about it) and I’m happy about that.

2015-03-13 18.20.20

My baby is cute and funny and I love him. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve seen hundreds of pictures of him already, but here are some of those of you who have been completely out of the loop.


2014-10-21 23.04.47

2014-10-26 13.29.37

2014-11-03 08.43.12

2014-11-21 13.36.58


2014-11-30 09.32.16

2014-12-07 17.22.27

2015-01-20 04.39.41

2015-01-27 16.45.16

2015-02-05 17.06.14

2015-02-08 16.51.44

2015-02-24 18.07.30-1

2015-02-26 07.26.10

2015-03-01 07.56.34

2015-03-11 11.36.41

Okay, that’s all for now. I’ll be back soon :)