ONCE UPON A TIME, this blog was one of the most important things in my life. Health and fitness were at the top of my priority list and sharing that passion with people was what I wanted to do with my life. I planned a wedding, got married, got pregnant, and still I blogged. Then I had a baby and everything changed.

First it was that I really wanted to cherish my three months of maternity leave and just soak up all of that time with Ephram. Not only did I stop blogging myself, I also stopped reading my favorite blogs. That may not sound like a big deal to you but I promise it was. I attempted to make a come back twice — once when Ephram was seven months old, and then again a year ago, when he was about nine months old. At that point it wasn’t just having had a baby that was keeping me from blogging. I had a new passion in my life, and it was very different from what I’d been blogging about before.

About a month before Ephram was born I became a Jamberry consultant. For those of you who don’t know (wait… does anyone even still read this blog?) Jamberry is a direct sales company that sells nail wraps. I fell in love with the product so I signed up to be a consultant. I quickly realized that direct sales could be the answer to me quitting my dreadful office job and being able to stay home with Ephram. I couldn’t workout for six weeks after having my baby and even after that it was sporadic because my time was so limited. I began pouring myself into Jamberry, trying my damnedest to become successful with it.

I was with Jamberry for over a year before I realized that while there is a lot of money to be made with direct sales, Jamberry wasn’t going to be where I made that money. There was a lot I still loved about Jamberry but I was spinning my wheels and if I knew if wanted direct sales to be ticket to staying home then I was going to have to begin looking for another company.

In November I made a switch and went from selling nail wraps to jewelry. Swarovski has a new division called Touchstone Crystal and after doing some research I determined that was going to be the best company for me. I’m six months in and am so crazy happy! I quit my job and now I stay home with Ephram selling gorgeous jewelry and going to fun partiesĀ and it’s amazing!

To clarify, I didn’t stop blogging because I became a mom. That is what initially caused me to take a big break but once I went back to work I was reminded of how unhappy I was in my job and my main focus became doing what I needed to be able to quit my job as soon as possible. I had been hoping for a long time that this blog would eventually allow me to do that, but I think for the most part the time has passed for individuals to make blogging their full-time job. So once my focus changed I wasn’t sure what to write about here anymore, so I just didn’t.

Now I’m back! I got pregnant again in January (on purpose) so we’re expecting baby #2 in September — a little girl!




Now that I have my job situation all figured out and I’m truly HAPPY with it, I’d like to put more of a focus on being healthy again. I workout twice a week with a personal trainer but I don’t really run anymore and I haven’t been following a healthy or vegan diet for the last eight months or so. I miss it!! I miss it all!

So I want to make a comeback with this blog. I am an over-sharer by nature and I do best at being accountable to myself when I’m sharing with someone consistently. I want this blog to be that someone for me again! I might end up moving the blog to a new location since I’m not really attempting to do that Chef thing anymore, but that might be a while from now.

For now I’d like to share with you guys what I’m doing to be more healthy this pregnancy than last, and what I’m doing to increase my daily activity. I need to stop eating so much crap and stop watching so much Netflix when Ephram is playing independently. I gained 47 pounds last pregnancy and I swore I’d gain less this time around, and in the beginning I was doing really well at eating better and staying more active. As this pregnancy progresses I’m getting more and more lazy about my diet and my activity. I think I’m on track to gain around the same as I did last time, which is going to make me feel like a big disappointment.

Right now we’re in Dallas visiting my in-laws after wrapping up our vacation, so I’m still kind of eating vacation foods. Tomorrow I’ll be waking up in my own bed and I’ll feel set to get back on track being the healthy person I used to be.

If you made it this far please comment and let me know that you still read this blog (or if you’re a new reader) and that you’re going to follow along with me while I try to get my shit together! ;) I need to know that I’m actually sharing with people because doing it on my own just isn’t working.

Here’s a picture of me this week – 23 weeks pregnant.

23 weeks

MY BLOG IS FIXED!!! For real this time :)

Oh my goodness, this blog has been broken for… way too long! I consider myself pretty tech savvy but I could not figured out how to fix this damn thing! I finally reached out to my brother for helped and he had it back up and running within an hour. Ha! UPDATE: Then as soon as I posted that it was fixed, I broke it again! I put on my nerd glasses this morning and figured out how to fix it though. My life is crazy busy lately but I have so much I want to share here! I will be back soon, I promise :)

By the way, Ephram is officially nine months old as of Tuesday. WHAT?!

2015-05-26 Nine Months Old