Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks

Fun news since I updated last: I have pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome.

Symptoms may include numbness, tingling, pain, or a dull ache in the fingers, hand, or wrist. These symptoms tend to come and go and are often worse at night. Occasionally, the discomfort may even extend to the forearm and upper arm. In severe or chronic cases, your hand may feel clumsy or weak. - Baby Center

That’s not the most exciting this that’s developed in the past week and a half, but it is the most annoying. When I woke up the second night in a row with pain/tingling in my left arm and hand I worried that the way I was sleeping was cutting off my circulation. Then I remembered that if you sleep on your back it could potentially cut off circulation to your uterus and placenta, which is dangerous for the baby. I freaked out and called the midwife, who wasn’t the least bit worried. Then I posted a description of my ailments on Facebook and was told that pregnant women often get carpal tunnel. I have these awesome wrist braces that I sleep in now to keep the pain from waking me up at night but it is still not pleasant. My hands and arms, particularly my left one, hurt after I take the braces off each morning (around 6) until about 10 am. And this is what I look like at night:

2014-08-06 22.01.22

Hey, we moved! I took off work on Friday, August 1st and with the help of friends, family, and a couple of movers we got all of our stuff (oh my God, we have so much stuff) moved across town. I’ve spent the last week and a half organizing, purging, and cleaning. I am still not done but I think (hope!) that the end is near. Before I started setting up the nursery Ross’ sister came over to help me paint and put together the nursery furniture.







Look! There’s my rocking chair! I love that damn chair.



Obviously we are no where close to being done with the room but the walls are painted and the crib and changing table are assembled! Progress is being made, which is good since this kid is scheduled to arrive in less than a month. I’M SO EXCITED!!!

My ten year high school reunion also happened the day after we moved. It was very anticlimactic. I took a picture with Ross before we left and I got a picture with Tess while we were there, but that’s it. It was really fun to see how many other pregnant women were there, but in the age of Facebook I pretty much knew what was going on with the people I cared about. There are currently six of us from the class of 2004 that are pregnant :) There were a few other people that I got to catch up with and that was nice.



I saw my midwife again this past Friday and I have gained 45 pounds so far. While she wasn’t really concerned about my weight gain before now, this time she said that anything over 40 pounds “is really all on you” and suggested that I start watching what I eat (not dieting) and exercising more so I don’t grow a baby that’s too big for me to birth naturally. WHAT?! Okay, thanks.

We went to Rockport this past weekend to celebrate Ross turning 36 (!!) and I kept her advice in my mind the whole weekend. We both usually treat Rockport trips as a time to eat as much junk food as we can, but I was very mindful of what I ate. I still had pizza and cake, but I didn’t have any chips or cookies, I only had 1 soda each day, I made sure to have a kale salad with dinner on Saturday, and when I was hungry between meals I snacked on watermelon. It wasn’t a nutritionally perfect weekend but I ate a lot better than I would have if I hadn’t talked to my midwife that day.

I also found out that I can float now! Like, completely float with zero assistance for as long as I want. It was glorious and I floated around the canal for almost two hours. Possibly my favorite part of being pregnant (besides feeling him kick).













Doesn’t he still look like a puppy? So precious. I love him beyond words.










Now imagine me floating around among these guys, without a floatie, trying not to get run over. I loved it.



These week I have a rotation of friends and family who are coming over to help me unpack and try to get the place organized. I am hoping that by this time next week I will have a completely finished nursery and will be able to show you pictures of it all. I’m so excited :)

34 Weeks and I’m Sorry

I am sorry that I’ve been such a terrible blogger and it seems to be ages and ages between posts. I feel like I’ve got some semi-decent excuses for not posting though.

  1. I’m tired of talking about being pregnant. I feel like I keep saying the same things over and over but with different pictures.
  2. I haven’t been cooking much or working out lately, which is what this blog used to be about, so what the hell am I supposed to talk about?
  3. I have been crazy busy lately. I last blogged right before my baby shower, then I spent then following week scrambling to get things ready for Hannah’s bachelorette weekend (yes, I planned my best friend’s bachelorette weekend while I was 33 weeks pregnant. It was honestly awesome), then I spent this whole week preparing for us to move TOMORROW.

I miss sharing with you guys though, and I miss talking about healthy food and exercise, so I’m going to try to be better about all of that. We’ll see what happens in 36 days (ish) when my baby is born. I make no promises about blogs with words, but surely I’ll at least update with baby pictures ;)

Here are some pictures to tide you over until I have some time (clearly not today – did I mention I’M MOVING TOMORROW?) to write a real blog post.

2014-07-21 18.04.15

2014-07-20 16.10.25

2014-07-31 16.54.22

2014-07-23 10.40.51


no face

I have a friend who is pregnant and due just seven days before me so we had to take a picture at my baby shower. Look at those bellies!! I love it :)


Now for pictures of the bachelorette weekend!!







Do y’all recognize that dress Hannah is wearing? It’s the same one I bought at a thrift store before I got married! I never ended up wearing it so I brought it to make her wear. Remember when I was skinny?!

2013-02-01 11.31.50




Do y’all recognize that swimsuit Hannah is wearing? That’s the same one I bought for my bachelorette weekend last year. We share a lot. Also, REMEMBER WHEN I WAS SKINNY?!?!