Pregnancy Update: 14 weeks

I feel like I’m always apologizing for it being so long between posts, and most of the time I don’t really have a good reason for the gaps. This time it’s because I felt guilty that I’d told you I had recipes for you but I haven’t typed any of them up. Rather than putting off a post until I feel like typing up recipes I decided to just ignore the recipes for now. They’re coming, I promise.

This week I want to talk about what’s going on with me and my body lately. First, everyone wants to see pictures, right? Here you go.

How I’m Growing 

(click to enlarge photos)

weeks 4, 6, 8 weeks 12 and 13

There are two pictures for week 13 because I took one on Saturday in a flowy shirt and said, “Yeah, I’m definitely not showing at all yet!” Then, the next day when I got dressed and looked in the mirror I started to doubt that declaration I’d made the day before.

(update: I started writing this post yesterday. I put on the same outfit I’m wearing in the 12 weeks picture above so I could go to yoga and my belly looks exactly the same as it did that day. No baby bump – I must have just been extra rolly in that striped shirt at week 13)

You want to know what else is growing? MY BOOBS!

All of my bras have become too small so last week I finally caved and went to Nordstrom for a fitting. I just about passed out when she measured me and declared that I’m a 34DD. No freaking way, lady. Yes, I realize that I was spilling out of the 34C I walked in wearing, but I was honestly convinced that was just a really small C (it was a hand me down). Since all of my other  bras at home are As and Bs I was ready for her to tell me that I just needed better fitting Cs. Most of the DD bras she brought me fit but I still wasn’t going to accept it that easily. Looking in the mirror my boobs simply do not look like DDs. Hell, they don’t even look like Ds!

The following day I went to Victoria’s Secret to actually purchase some bras (Nordstrom = $$$$$). Walking around and looking at the bras, thinking about what my boobs look like, I decided I was going to try on Cs anyway, which still looked the cups were huge and going to completely swallow my boobs. I grabbed six different bras and headed to the fitting room. Out of those six bras FIVE of them were TOO SMALL! Like, really noticeably too small. I called the fitting room clerk into my room and asked her if she could bring me these same bras in a 34D. She agreed that the one I was wearing was not a good fit for me and brought back the monster bras that I apparently need. I stared at them for a minute, looked at my boobs in the mirror again and thought, “This is crazy. There’s no way these things are going to fit me. They’re huge!”

I purchased the one C that fit me and two Ds. I still can’t believe it. My boobs just don’t look that big. I mean, yeah, they’re a lot bigger than they used to be, but they still don’t fit the image of what a D cup is in my head. I guess I’ve always had a warped sense of boob size.

How I’m Feeling

Completely normal.  Seriously, If it weren’t for the missed periods and the huge ass (incredibly tender) boobs I wouldn’t even know I was pregnant. I still haven’t had any sickness (morning or other wise) and I hear that the second trimester is when you feel the best anyway. I’m less grumpy than I was in the beginning, which I know Ross appreciates, and I haven’t experienced any other extreme emotions (no crying at commercials or TV shows, not even Parenthood).

Lately I’ve also been kind of feeling like the baby might maybe possibly be a girl. I know that means nothing at all since some women are completely convinced of the sex of their baby just to be proven wrong at their 20 week sonogram or birth. I don’t really have a preference for what I have, I just imagine it being a girl more often than I imagine it being a boy.

What I’m Eating

Everything. PLEASE GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD. Including lots of bagels. A couple of weeks ago I walked past some bagels at Trader Joe’s and thought they sounded good. I’ve eaten a bagel for breakfast almost every single morning for the last two weeks.

I’m still trying to be aware of my protein intake and making sure that I’m getting enough but I got tired of tracking everything I was eating (who saw that one coming?). I’ve also started eating more vegetables again! For a while I just simply didn’t want them so I didn’t eat them. Last night I had a huge kale salad with my dinner… and followed it up with some Nada Moo Chocolate Ice Cream (baby requested it). I’m still far from where I used to be but I’m really working on it.

How I’ve Been Exercising

I’m actually really happy with my level of exercise lately.

  • Prenatal yoga twice a week (about the increase to three times a week)
  • Strength/weights twice a week
  • Running once a week
  • Long walks (at least 2 miles) twice a week

I know it’s kinda lame that I’m only running once a week right now and that’s just sheer laziness. I feel mostly normal when I run (there are some weird vagina pains, but they’re dull pains, nothing sharp that has me worried or running funny) so I plan to increase my running to 3-4 days a week now that the time has changed and I have more daylight available in the evening.

Ross, Lynn, and I also signed up for a triathlon on May 4th (I’ll be 22 weeks, or just over 5 months) and I think that a 10k (6 miles) is a totally doable distance for that stage of pregnancy. I ran 4 miles on Saturday and it wasn’t hard so I’m confident that I’ll still be able to turn out 6 miles in a couple of months. I have absolutely no goal for the race other than to finish. Ross and Lynn are both still going to try to improve their times but I’m just doing this so I have a reason to keep running through pregnancy.

I’m still working out with my personal trainer once a week and then going to the gym on my own once more. So far I’m still able to do everything like normal but I know once I’m in my third trimester I should avoid exercises that have me laying on my back.

I just started going to prenatal yoga classes (four so far) and I love them! I’ve always liked yoga but I really love prenatal yoga. There’s something about being in a room with 20 other pregnant women, all at different stages, that’s just awesome. Also, in what other yoga class does the instructor make you do kegel exercises and talk about constipation? Love it!

I’m definitely the least pregnant person in the classes, but I’m more than okay with that because I’m also the least flexible person in the class so I clearly need all the yoga I can get before baby is born! (I know there’s no such thing as more or less pregnant. You either are you aren’t, but you know what I mean there, right?)

What I’m Buying

So far I haven’t purchased a single thing for the baby. I think this has Ross really surprised – he was convinced that the second I became pregnant I want to buy all the CUTE THINGS! LOOK, CUTE BABY THINGS! I have resisted and I’m proud.

(updated: last night I verbally agreed to purchase a wooden rocking chair off of Craigslist for the nursery for $60. I’ll show y’all once it’s officially been purchased and is in my house)

I already told you that I had to buy some new bras (such a good decision, by the way. The girls are so happy now) and I’ve also had to buy some maternity clothes. Even though my belly doesn’t really look any bigger my hips/butt/thighs must be growing because I think I only have one pair of pants that still buttons, and even those don’t really look that good on me. I can still get away with wearing my old pants with my belly band though.

When I was 11 weeks I bought a pair of maternity jeans at Target and thought I was in love. Then I washed them twice and now I hate them. They weren’t full panel jeans and the elastic in the waist got all messed up and now they give me a muffin top, even though I still have room to grow in them. It’s weird and I refuse to wear them anymore (luckily they were on sale for $11 so I don’t feel like it was too much of a waste).

At 13 weeks I went to Goodwill and got some really goodies there. For just $65 I came home with 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of slacks, 2 pair of cropped pants, 1 pair of workout capris, 1 pair of shorts, 3 shirts, and 2 camis. (the week 13 photo above with me in shorts, that whole outfit was from this shopping trip). Now, a week and a half later, I am still mostly happy with all of these purchases. The shirts – all great. The jeans – awesome. The shorts – wonderful. The cropped pants – kinda big on me, but not ridiculous looking. The slacks – WAY TOO BIG. I think I was just so excited to be trying on clothes that weren’t too small that I didn’t really think about things being too big. I’ll grow into them, right? I hope so.

What I’m Planning

I’ve started kinda sorta planning out the nursery in my head. I don’t want a super cutesy baby looking nursery, I just want a room that has lots of color and looks good that my baby can grow into (even though we’re moving within the next year and a half). Some nurseries/kids rooms that I like are this, this, this, this and this.

Rather than buy a lot of crap for the nursery, I want to do/make things myself – paint the dresser and mirror I have for the room, stain the rocking chair I mentioned earlier, make no-sew curtains, sew a couple of changing pad covers, and make a quilt. I’m so excited about all of these things – I really hope I follow through with them all so I can share them with you later!

I’ve already started (and I think mostly completed) our baby registry, but that’s going to be it’s own post so I can hopefully get some feedback from those of you who have kids!

5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: 14 weeks

  1. Thanks for mentioning me Chasity. You are going to be one hard bodied pregnant lady when I’m through with you. You look beautiful by the way!

  2. Chasity, we’ve read what you’re buying, what you’re planning, how you’re exercising and what you’re eating….but how are you sleeping? I’m new to Austin and I’m looking for health focused blogs to frequent. I’m the Outreach Director for Texas Sleep Medicine in South Austin and I want to get a good idea about the typical Austinite’s sleep routine. Please let me know when you can! Thanks!

    • So far I’m still sleeping pretty well! I wake up at least once a night to use the bathroom (sometimes three times!), and occasionally I’m fighting with my little dog for real estate in our bed, but over all it’s good. We have a pillow top bed that I’ve loved since we got it many years ago, and I’ve got a memory foam pillow that isn’t the best, but it’s better than any other pillow I’ve got at home, so for the most part the sleep is good! I know that is bound to change once I get bigger, and especially once the baby is actually here, so I’m soaking it up while I can!

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