Pregnancy Update #2: Vegan Nutrition

TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF MY SECOND TRIMESTER! My baby is the size of a tangerine and already has fingerprints.

I’m pretty excited about that, mostly because I still don’t feel pregnant and I’m ready to feel pregnant. I know a lot of my friends with kids will say I’ll regret that statement, but whatever. Pregnancy is such a short amount of time in the scheme of things and I’m excited about it.

This first trimester was really boring for me. Yes, my boobs got bigger but that’s the only thing that really has me feeling pregnant. I’ve gained weight but I still don’t look pregnant so really I just feel chubby at this point. I keep reading blogs (like Daily Garnish and Amalah) and hearing about how they wore normal clothes through their whole first trimester, blah blah blah. I need to remind myself that these lovely ladies also battled awful morning sickness and couldn’t keep anything down so they actually lost weight in the first trimester. I shouldn’t be jealous of that, right?

Before becoming pregnant I had these lofty ideas of taking weekly pregnancy photos, much like above mentioned Daily Garnish did, and that has definitely not happened. The biggest reason for this is because Ross sucks at taking pictures (please don’t tell him I said that) and I really don’t want 36 out-of-focus pictures of me. There’s no place in our house with good lighting/a good mirror for me to take selfies, and I feel guilty asking a friend to come over every week to take a picture of me, especially when I don’t even look pregnant yet. So, I’ve got pictures of 4 and 8 weeks and that’s it. I planned on taking one last weekend for the 12 week mark but I don’t really look any different than I did at the 8 week mark, so what’s the point? I figure I’ll get better at taking pictures around weeks 15-16 when I’ve actually got a growing bump to document.

Okay, on to the point of this post. When I was at the birthing center for my last appointment the midwife told me that she wants me to keep a diary of what I eat in a week and bring it to my next appointment. She also told me that in pregnancy women should get 65-75 grams of protein per day, to ensure they grow the right size baby for their body. Without any effort I usually get around 40 grams a day so I knew I was really going to have to pay attention to make sure I’m getting the right amount.

I tracked all my meals for the first week and decided that to ensure I’m getting the right amount of protein throughout my entire pregnancy I’m going to have to track my eating every single week, not just one week like she suggested. So far I’m really not that impressed with my diet. Yes, I’ve been hitting the protein goals (mostly) but that’s not all I care about. My vegetable, whole grain, and legume intake is much lower than I’d like it to be. I’m almost finished with week two of tracking meals so improving my diet is really a big goal I have for week three.

Here’s the first week (click to enlarge):

Week 11

Tuesday – I added protein powder to my morning smoothie and had tofu at dinner. I really love tofu so I’m kind of enjoying this “excuse” to eat more of it (like someone was stopping me from eating it in the past?)

Wednesday – I had some smokey maple tempeh bacon with breakfast that really wasn’t that good. I dipped it in maple syrup (like I used to do with real bacon back when I ate that stuff) and that made it a lot better. For dinner I made some vegan jambalaya using this recipe I posted a while back, but instead of using soy curls I used Field Roast vegan sausage. It was delicious!

2013-01-04 00.05.23

Vegan Jambalaya - Field Roast

I think Field Roast is one of the more healthy vegan meats out there, since it’s made with real ingredients! I used three links in the recipe in place of the soy curls, and the recipe made around 5 bowls of jambalaya.

2014-02-19 19.06.15

2014-02-19 19.06.23

2014-02-19 19.06.31

Thursday – I also made this great broccoli bisque using this recipe. If I make it again I will use more broccoli and less cashews.

Nothing from the weekend was particularly worth mentioning. I do feel like I should confess and tell you that I had some cheese recently. REAL cheese. When I went to Colorado a couple of weeks ago to visit family I indulged in pizza with real cheese on it. Not once, not twice, but three times. For some reason that’s the only thing I’ve really craved so far: pizza with real cheese. I’m happy to report that it didn’t give me a stomach ache and I’m even happier to report that I like pizza with vegan cheese just as much as the real stuff so I plan on sticking with the vegan alternative from now on. Itch scratched, moving on.

(I lied. I’ve been craving cheese pizza and sesame chicken. Well, not really sesame chicken. That used to be my favorite Chinese dish back when I ate meat and I recently discovered I can order sesame tofu (how did I not realize that before?) and it’s honestly just as good. Now that I’ve had it I pretty much want sesame tofu every Friday night)

I really feel okay with the fact that I ate cheese. I don’t feel like it ruined me as a vegan, because let’s be honest, if anything has ruined me it’s all the cake and cookies I eat without having a list of ingredients to look at, pretending I don’t know what’s in them. The most guilt I felt over the cheese came from the thought of tell you guys (most of whom I don’t even know in real life) but overall I’m really okay with it. I want this blog to be a REAL LIFE representation of what it’s like to follow a mostly plant-based diet. It’s rare (I think) for someone to eat this way and not have slip ups now and then. Yes, I know that people can definitely do it (I bet Dreena Burton and Isa never slip up) but most of us will. And when YOU do, I want you to know that you’re not alone! (awkward side hug!)

A lot of people have asked me if I think I’ll eat meat while I’m pregnant (apparently a lot of vegetarians say they crave and just give in) or if I think I’ll become just a vegetarian instead of striving to follow a vegan diet, and it was even suggested this weekend that I be a stay-at-home vegan and a vegetarian the rest of the time. When the suggestion was made I thought, “Well, that’s not a bad idea.” Sometimes I just get tired of this. Never at home but occasionally when I’m out to eat, or at a party, or when friends/family have me over for dinner. The more I’ve thought about it though the more I realized NO. I really do want to try to be as vegan as I can be, and I don’t want to use this pregnancy as an excuse to eat things that I “shouldn’t.” That doesn’t mean I’m going to be perfect all the time but I’m not throwing in the towel either.

I’m looking forward to sharing everything I’ve eaten this week with you next week because there’s a few awesome recipes in there for you! YUM! I’d like to get a little away from the meat substitutes and be eating more beans and lentils. The only reason I haven’t is sheer laziness. I have dried beans and rice in my pantry – lots of them! – but I’m just too lazy to cook them and I feel guilty buying canned beans with the dried ones taunting me from the pantry. I would also really like to start eating more vegetables again! I just haven’t really been in the mood for them, which is really no excuse but it’s all I’ve got at the moment.

I do have one picture from last weekend to share, even if it’s not a “pregnancy” photo. 

me and amanda

This is me (if you’re new here, I’m the one in the white pants in February because I live in TEXAS and that rule about white is stupid anyway) and a friend who is also pregnant. When Ross and I first started dating I moved in with him and two of his guy friends and this lovely lady ended up marrying one of those guys. They got engaged one week before Ross and I did, they got married one month before us, and she got pregnant one week before me. I joke that I need to have my baby early so I can beat her at something ;)

I know what you’re thinking and NO I do not look pregnant in this picture. I promise I’m just slouching and when I stand up like I’m supposed to I do not have a protruding stomach of any kind (it’s just all around bigger – top, bottom, and both sides). I do want to point out that I’m wearing pre-pregnancy jeans in this picture and THEY’RE ACTUALLY BUTTONED! Granted, these were a little loose on me before becoming pregnant but STILL, they are size 6 non-maternity jeans and I was proud to be wearing them.

Alright, that’s enough for now. Next week I’m also going to talk about pregnant exercise. You can already see what I did last week (it’s written in on the chart above) but I want to talk about it in more detail and tell you about the triathlon that we just registered for! I also hope to update more often so the updates feel less overwhelming. Stay tuned :)

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  2. Check the blog Ashley’s Green Life. she did a vegan/gluten free/non gmo diet during her last pregnancy and did a video about ideas for others like her, Plus more on living a green life if you’re into that. It’s pretty interesting. and yay 2nd trimester!

  3. Do not stress about pregnancy photos or what week you start wearing maternity clothes. Every pregnancy is SO different, even for the same person! My second pregnancy I’m pretty sure I was in maternity jeans by like week seven. And yes, morning sickness makes a very big difference at the beginning. You look wonderful and have so much to look forward to — enjoy it! :)

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