Pregnancy Update – Random Thoughts

I’m finding that I have a lot of random thoughts lately about pregnancy and my body so why don’t I share them with you? I’m probably going to spread them over a couple of posts, but here’s a few to get us started.


Morning sickness – never had it. Read lots of things that say, “If you’re really sick, don’t worry, that means your hormones are doing what they’re supposed to and you’ll have a healthy baby!” Okay, so if I don’t have it, then my hormones are broken and my baby will be too?

Constipation – so far so good! I’ve had a few days here and there where things aren’t as regular or smooth as I’d like, but from what I’ve heard pregnant women sometimes go DAYS without pooping. To all of you, I’m sorry. Crossing my fingers I don’t have that problem later on down the road.

Speaking of fingers... where are my strong fingernails and thick hair?

Stuffy nose – got it! Apparently your mucus membranes swell when you’re pregnant causing you to constantly be stuffed up. So much fun. Bloody noses are also pretty common, but I haven’t experienced that.

Heartburn – so far I’ve only had it once but I’m only in the wee days of my second trimester (17 weeks tomorrow!), so I’ve still got time for it to knock me out.

Intense sense of smell – today is the only day I can really say I’ve had a problem with smells. My boss was eating a taco for lunch and I thought it smelled like poop. Literally. I looked behind me to make sure there wasn’t anything smeared on my pants before I realized it was just his lunch. Yum.

I thought the peeing a lot thing didn’t happen until you were huge, but that’s completely wrong. It starts really early on because as your uterus gets bigger it’s literally right next to your bladder. I don’t remember the last time I slept through the night without getting up at least once (sometimes three times!) to pee.

BOOBS! They’re big, they’re tender, and sometimes my nipples have this weird burny sensation. My areolas are also bigger.

Okay, how about some pictures? (Not pictures of my boobs, sorry)

weeks 4, 6, 8 weeks 12 and 13

weeks 14, 15, 16

Body Changes

I’m excited that my boobs are bigger, but I’m not as over the moon about it as I thought I would be. Sometimes they just get in my way, or maybe I only feel that ways because the tenderness never went away.

A friend recently told me that when you’re pregnant, it’s not just your belly that’s pregnant. Your whole body is pregnant – butt, thighs, hips, boobs, face, belly… That’s honestly hard to accept, especially when my bump isn’t very big yet. I keep thinking, “I still don’t really look pregnant but everything seems to be getting bigger in proportion and I just feel very large.” Though you can see from the pictures of week 4 and week 16 I definitely do have a little bump, you just can’t see it much with clothes on, so it looks like I’m just getting thicker instead of pregnant.

I also keep comparing myself to other pregnant women, which is crazy. First of all, I know that the same woman can look completely different with two pregnancies, even if she started out the same size, because you don’t always carry your baby the same. Come carry high, some carry low, etc. Still, I keep looking at other bloggers who are pregnant or who have been pregnant stressing that I don’t look like them. I’m terrified that I’m going to gain too much weight, and that people are going to judge me for how much weight I gain. I feel a lot of pressure (mostly imaginary pressure) to stay fit, eat healthy, and not blow up like a balloon while pregnant because I was so healthy pre-pregnancy. Also, I have some rolls on my back that weren’t there a couple of months ago. UGH.

Now that I’ve confessed that, let me also tell you that even though I’m afraid I’m going to gain too much weight I am NOT trying to diet or restrict my eating in any way. I know that is a terrible idea during pregnancy, so instead I’m trying to increase my level of activity. Also, my midwives told me at my last visit that for me to gain the right amount of weight for my body during pregnancy I should be eating 2,600 calories a day. I love food so that number made me happy :)


Running is going terrible. I’m too lazy to get out there and do it on a regular basis anymore so every time I do run I feel a little bit more out of shape than I did the time before and I’m getting slower. Have I mentioned that I’m running a 10k in a month? Yeah… I really need to get to running more often so that I can survive this race.

Walking is great! I love, love walking and walking is great exercise. Dexter loves it when we go walking too, so it’s win win for everyone! I try to go on several long walks each week and if I could convince the weather to stay nice and stop having errands to run on my lunch break, I would love to go for walks every day while I’m at work.

I haven’t been able to make it to the last few yoga classes because I’ve been busy, but there’s one tonight that I’m hoping to go to! I’ve still been lifting weights twice a week too, so even if my running is slacking I’m not being completely lazy!

I feel like I’ve kind of done a lot of complaining in this post. I hope it didn’t come off that way, but in case it did let me say this: I CAN’T WAIT TO FEEL THE BABY MOVE! I feel like I’ll be more accepting of all of these changes once I feel more connected to my baby. Right now, when I lay on my back I can press on my abdomen and feel my uterus (and I guess the baby), which I do ALL THE TIME, but it will be different once I feel a flutter or a kick, and it seems more real that I’m in the process of doing something amazing. :)

Update: LOOK! I’m not the only crazy lady afraid of getting fat while pregnant!  Go here and read this and go here, read this too!

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  1. Great post Chasity. I totally feel ya on the weight gain thing. I felt the same. Nobody cares so don’t worry about it.

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