About Us

Howdy everyone!  Danielle here.  I am the writer, recipe developer, and food stylist for this little space we call My Healthy Chef.  I work alongside my talented and striking handsome partner, Tony.  We live right outside of Chicago, Illinois– close enough to enjoy the city, but far enough away to escape most of the traffic.  That’s right, rockin’ the suburbs y’all.  We met in culinary school and our combined love for food broadened into a love for each other.  Ahhh.. l’amour.  🙂

After culinary school, Tony and I welcomed a little addition to our family, our son Necalli.  Along the way, Tony discovered his attraction to photography and I honed my recipe development, writing, and food styling skills.  Freelance food writing and photography naturally developed and we love working from home and creating work for clients and this lovely blog.



Before starting our freelancing adventures, I was everything from a line cook in a fine dining restaurant to a teaching assistant in a recreational cooking school.  I started cooking when I was a wee little sprout and have loved it ever since.  I feel fortunate that I have been able to let a childhood interest blossom into an adulthood passion.  Yay!

Our favorite things include avocados, planting things in dirt, long walks in the city, our son along with Tony’s nephews and niece (a.k.a. the kids), Mexican food, deep conversations, goofy faces, and fart jokes.  Our life dream is to live on a farm in the middle of nowhere growing our own food or in a high rise smack dab in the city– we can’t decide!  But one thing’s for certain, it will include mounds of amazingly delicious culinary creations.

I really hope to see you around!  Ta-ta for now.